Effectively Manage your Asset Using BIM Data.

BIM as an Asset

The design and construction of complex buildings and facilities begins with a BIM model. With industry striving towards BIM Level 2, a lot of time and resources are being put into the development of complex, data rich models. Once the constuction is complete, the asset owner or operator is left with a valuable digital asset, but they face significant challenges in extracting value from it:

  • Restricted access to the model due to heavy computing requirements
  • Training of staff to enable them to extract required information.
  • The model is unsuitale for use in field operations and maintenance activities.
  • Lack of a connection between the BIM and Asset Management Systems.

PlantQuest Enables BIM for Asset Management

PlantQuests specialiest software takes complex BIM Data and transforms it into actionable data that allows you access to previously under utilisied information:

  • Put BIM data to work for efficient operations and maintenance management
  • Information presented in a discipline specific targetted manner, negating the need for staff training
  • Mine the value in your model and put it in every workers hands at the point fom work
  • Bring your BIM data into your Asset Management System